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Is there any good open source library in Java which can be used to draw 3D dynamic charts, like JFreeChart does it for 2D?

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If you're up to coding to a more fundamental api (ie you have to draw your own lines to represent the chart values), two choices are: 1. java3d.dev.java.net/ (A display list abstraction) 2. kenai.com/projects/jogl/pages/Home (A Java wrapper to OpenGL)

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Can you define your use case, since JFreeChart can draw at least 3D line, bar and pie charts?

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Actually I want to plot a dynamic graph which takes values of (x,y,z). Now I want to draw a 3D chart , i.e. showing all three axis x,y,z. Is it possible in JFreeChart. If yes then how? Also I am having a litte trouble with JFreechart as my update frequency is quite high, 10 fps. Due to this my system is utilizing 100% CPU usage. But I was thinking to solve this matter somehow. Wht I currently need is a 3D chart –  Gunjan Nigam Sep 10 '09 at 4:22
JFreeChart can only draw 2D chart with a three-dimensional look, not real 3D chart as you want. I only know (but never used) sourceforge.net/projects/jplot3d for such cases, but unfortunately that's not really a chart library. –  Heri Sep 10 '09 at 8:18

You can have a look at Surface Plotter. There is an online demo, it's LGPL, 100% pure java, and design for reuse.

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I suggest you try http://www.jzy3d.org, which will really help you to do what you want. Regards, Martin

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