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How to Remove dotted that appears when button is clicked

I have some code like this:

<input id="input-radio-principal" type="radio" name="chart-type" value="principal" checked="checked" />
<label for="input-radio-principal">Principal balances</label>

<input id="input-radio-payments" type="radio" name="chart-type" value="payments" />
<label for="input-radio-payments">Monthly payments</label>

Whenever I click on a radio button, there is a gray dotted border on the radio button's label in IE9. Is it possible to remove that border?

I have seen a lot of information about how to remove this from links, but not radio button labels.

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not tested but maybe you could use javascript and call blur() whenever a radio button is clicked? So in jQuery: $("input[type=radio]").click(function(){$(this).blur();}); or if it is on the label instead of using $(this) select the label $("input[type=radio]").click(function(){$(this).next().blur();}); –  Horen Dec 20 '12 at 20:38
That's an accessibility feature built into the browser. You may be able to find a hack to remove it, but you probably shouldn't –  Forty-Two Dec 20 '12 at 20:41

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Perhaps this in your CSS:

input {outline: none;}

Works in this JSFiddle

Works in IE8 and IE 9, where the border isn't around the button or the label. However, the border remains around the label in IE7. I believe a full solution will probably involve Javascript, as the commenter above suggested.

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<input class="button" type="radio" id="radioButton"/> 

input[type="radio"] {
    outline: none;

That should work in IE9

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