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during Save changes, there are instance when validation is failing, but how do i get back and display the actual Error Message. The saveFailed function is executed, but i want more details information, about what validations failed and those individual error emssages

 function saveChanges() {
       if (manager.hasChanges()) {
       } else {
           alert("Nothing to save");

   function saveSucceeded() {
       alert("changes saved successfully");

   function saveFailed(error) {
       alert("Error while saving changes" + error.message);
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Have a look at the TODO sample that is provided with the breeze download.

The dataservice.js clearly shows you how to catch and display validation errors.

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This is only partially true, in my opinion. The TODO sample doesn't show how to correlate entity errors to form elements... which, I suppose, would be quite complicated. But my pea brain hoped it would be easier when I first started learning how Breeze handles data annotation exceptions... –  Alex Dresko Mar 23 '13 at 0:25

The 'error' object returned by the fail handler, should contain additional details, depending on the error. The following properties should always be there

error.message - the error message error.status - http error code - usually a 400 or 500 code error.detail - any details relevant to the error error.XHR - the raw XML HttpResponse object error.responseText

For validation errors, right now they appear in the error.message, but we are looking at breaking them out in a cleaner fashion, possibly into another property. But for now they will appear in the error.message.

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