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I got a table with 4 fields:

id, int(11), auto increament email, varchar(32) pass, varchar(32) date_created, date

My question is how my query should look like? I mean I don't need to insert the first value to id because it's auto increment but I have to insert all of the values..

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In SQL you can specify which columns you want to set in the INSERT statement:

INSERT INTO table_name(email, pass, date_created) VALUES(?, ?, ?)
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First of all, I hope you're using PreparedStatements.

Assuming you have a Connection object named conn and two strings email and password...

PreparedStatement stmt = conn.prepareStatement("INSERT INTO table_name(email, pass, date_created) VALUES (?, ?, ?)");

stmt.setString(1, email);
stmt.setString(2, password);
stmt.setDate(3, new Date());

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You can insert in the format

INSERT INTO YourTable (Your Columns) VALUES (Your Values)

So for e.g.

INSERT INTO Test_Table (email, pass, data_created) VALUES ('john@blah.com', 'pass', to_date(string, format))
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Using parameters-tsql; (better to pass values in parameters rather than as strings)

Insert into [YourTableName] (email, pass, date_created) 
values (@email, @pass, @date_created)
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