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I have a program that connects to a JSF application in GlassFish using HTTPS, but GlassFish is only configured for plain HTTP. That program tries HTTPS first and falls back to HTTP, if HTTPS does not work.

Using ssldump I can see that GlassFish 2.1 immediately sends a TCP FIN when receiving the HTTPS request, but GlassFish just sits idle.

Here's what GlassFish 2.1 does:

New TCP connection #1: localhost(53643) <-> localhost(8081)
1 1 0.0008 (0.0008) C>S Handshake
Version 3.1
cipher suites
1 0.0106 (0.0098) S>C TCP FIN

Here is what GlassFish does:

New TCP connection #1: localhost(53388) <-> localhost(8081)
1 1 0.0005 (0.0005) C>S Handshake
Version 3.1
cipher suites
1 59.9989 (59.9983) C>S TCP FIN

How can I make GlassFish immediately close the connection (attempt)?

I used standard out of the box configurations for the HTTP listeners. There is no firewall in the picture. I ran both these tests on the same machine with the same client program, just with a different GlassFish each time.

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This was a problem with the client's OpenSSL library being outdated. Everything worked fine after updating OpenSSL.

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