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I have some chrome extensions of both types (one type shows an icon on the right side of address bar, clicking on it shows HTML files as a part of the whole page. Other type shows app icon on the list of apps when new tab is opened, clicking on which shows HTML file as if the HTML file is opened.).

Let us assume I have this app : Contacts manager (Chrome app) which when opened allows either to add a new contact or show the list of available contacts (localStorage database). And this app mainly contains index.html and script.js .

How can I convert this Chrome app to Firefox app or addon ?

For more simple example: The Chrome app contains manifest.json and index.html only. index.html contains <h1>Hello World</h1> . So, when opened , the app will be opened in a new page showing "Hello World" . Can we do the same thing in Firefox (when the app opens, it should show Hello World on the page, not on status bars etc..)

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to answer your question literally: "Yes". To offer a tip: google for it, write some code you think will work, test said code. If it doesn't work paste it in here with a little explanation about whats up and you'll get a lot of answers. Even if your code is just changing the manifest to be for FF instead of chrome. This shows effort, and effort goes a long way. –  rlemon Dec 20 '12 at 21:30
i hav already done google toolbar code, but wat i want to do is to create an app that shows app as a webpage , something like displaying "hello world" on the first page, and page occupying 100% instead of being a part of another page . –  user1886423 Dec 21 '12 at 3:23

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There's this site which converts extensions from chrome to firefox (it's still in beta): http://gallery.extensionfactory.com/labs/conversion/

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not there anymore –  Flash Thunder Nov 4 at 7:47

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