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I'm writing a python script in DBus-python for getting some info about available access points through Network Manager. I can correctly get the ssid, mac adress, signal strength values. Although when I try to get the WpaFlags I just get some integers values. I think,I should some how use "NM_802_11_AP_SEC" but I don't know how. I'll appreciate any advice.

readable results:

ssid = ap_prop_iface.Get("org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.AccessPoint","Ssid",byte_arrays=True)
hwaddr = ap_prop_iface.Get("org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.AccessPoint", "HwAddress")

Unreadable results:

encryption = ap_prop_iface.Get("org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.AccessPoint", "WpaFlags")

encryption=0 if there is no encryption -that's ok- and the other results I get are 324 and 392

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WpaFlags (and other *Flags) is an integer composed of bit flags, here NM_802_11_AP_SEC. So 324 ix 0x144 (hexadecimal) which is NM_802_11_AP_SEC_KEY_MGMT_PSK | NM_802_11_AP_SEC_GROUP_TKIP | NM_802_11_AP_SEC_PAIR_TKIP.

Here's a SO question about bit flags in general: Bitwise Operation and Usage.


NM_802_11_AP_SEC_PAIR_TKIP = 0x04  // declare other constants too...
flags = 324                        // from an API call really
if flags & NM_802_11_AP_SEC_PAIR_TKIP:
    print "PAIR_TKIP is enabled"
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