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I have strange problem. I developed app code signed it with Distribution provisioning profile which includes correct devices and send it to Client. He installed via iTunes and there were no problems. Suddenly iTunes 11 was released and Client told me that he is unable to install app on his devices. The situations looks like this. -authorizing computer -adding app to iTunes library -selecting app to sync/install on device -start synchronization synchronization goes to step 4 where message says thet apps to synchronization are prepared and synchronization ends showing in iTunes that app is installed on device. But on device there is no app. No error or any kind of message, nothing... To make things more complicated I'm able to install app on my devices (I even borroved iPad's, iPhones and one iPod touch from friends to check it). Although I'm not able to install it on one iPod Touch 4G. The app is compatible with iOS 5 and 6. I also send to Client some old version of the app which was installing without any problems and now it also won't install. I didn't try do distribute app via URL with additionall plist file so it could be installed directly from device via URL, but I'll try that.

Any ideas?


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check out its alot easier to not only push none-submitted apps to clients phones but also (if you include the sdk) offer crash reporting and other good information. (it is free as well) – owen gerig Dec 20 '12 at 21:42
Is the client updated and running non-jailbroken? That's strange though, are you doing the installation? or is it PEBKAC? – mkral Dec 20 '12 at 23:11
I did Installation over the air and it worked, but although installaation via iTunes stil don't work. Thanks for response. is usefull tool. As for the client: yes, he is updated and running non jailbroken iOS. – ypso Jan 3 '13 at 17:05

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