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Got the following message which doesn't seem to be common online:

fatal: unknown style 'diff' given for 'merge.conflictstyle'

I have looked up styles for merge.conflictstyle and diff, and diff3 seem to be appropriate. I'm not sure where I can/should change this, but it's not allowing me to push any changes, as the branch is behind, because I can't pull due to the message above :(.

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Try running

$ git config merge.conflictstyle diff3

and see if that works.

The issue is that you have an incorrect config option. That command will change it to the correct value, diff3.

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$ git config merge.conflictstyle diff3 Worked! Thanks! – alistair Dec 20 '12 at 22:06

According to the git config man page, diff is not an acceptable style. merge and diff3 are the only ones it recognizes. merge is the default... so perhaps, as mipadi mentioned, diff3 is the one you want.

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