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I've find myself an image.

alt text

How to show it in the center of whole page?

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$(document).ready(function() {
$("#pb2").progressBar({ barImage: 'images/progressbg_yellow.gif'} );
$("#pb3").progressBar({ barImage: 'images/progressbg_orange.gif', showText: false} );
$("#pb4").progressBar(65, { showText: false, barImage: 'images/progressbg_red.gif'} );
$(".pb5").progressBar({ max: 2000, textFormat: 'fraction', callback: function(data) { if (data.running_value == data.value) { alert("Callback example: Target reached!"); } }} );



$("#progressbar").progressbar({ value: 37 });
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Hi, is there any plugin to make it a deterministic progress bar, that is, the progress bar will advance proportional to how much of the loading (upload or download) is being done? –  Cupidvogel Aug 12 '13 at 13:43

You can use one from Tips for Twits. Here's a demo.

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This tutorial might help you a lot. It will atleast tell you from where to start!

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