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I do not understand why numpy.genfromtext allows you to specify only all or none of the dtypes. I am trying to let it do the obvious (default) thing for most fields, but to specify some that I think it will have difficulty with. In general, I do not know the complete list of fields in my data file.
Is there a better way to do this than load in the file twice, as follows?

dtypeoverrides={'textfield':'a20','anotherTrickyfield':'a10','nonexisting field':'a1'}

indata=np.genfromtxt(tsvF, delimiter='\t',names=True,dtype=None)

if dtypeoverrides:
   print dd
   dd=[(name,dtypeoverrides.get(name,dd[name])) for name in dd.names]
   print dd
   indata=np.genfromtxt(tsvF, delimiter='\t',names=True,dtype=dd)
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