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I'm looking for a good solution to translate my strings.xml to various other languages. I've heard about motodev but I can't reach this site and it seems to be that this is no longer supported...

Do you know any alternative where I can easily translate my Strings?

Thank you!

Edit: Sorry, i should be more precisely: I want translate the string by myself, i'm just looking for a tool pointing out, which of the strings is not translated yet and which gives the possibility to compare two or more different strings.xml (different languages)


whats your name? | Was ist dein name? My name is George | ----missing-----

So i dont have to search in each strings.xml if something is missing ...

Greetings and thanks for your replies!

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I had created a tool available here. sourceforge.net/projects/androidresourcetranslator –  K G May 10 '14 at 5:34

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There is no easy way to translate Strings.xml. You will never be able to get a good translation for pretty much any sentence with more than two words unless you have a human do it for you.

I would recommend against automated translations, as after putting some in one of my apps I received numerous mails and bad ratings because of the terrible quality of the translation.

However, if you still want to do it, Google Translate is about as accurate as it gets with machine transactions.

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If you are looking for human translators to do this work for you, check out our site: http://www.tethras.com.

As Raghav points out, it is virtually impossible for machine translation to come anywhere close to getting it right when translating strings and partial strings in strings.xml. Machine translation is good for translating descriptive text, but not good at UI. In fact, it can be difficult for humans to get it right as there is not always enough context available in the file.

At Tethras, we provide a communication module built into the platform so that translators can ask you for clarification when it is not obvious how they should translate a particular string. This is a very streamlined process, and all answers provided to a particular translator are shared across all translators involved in your project. This ensures high quality translation for your app.

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You can check out our translation management tool at http://www.oneskyapp.com/

  • Simply upload the strings.xml file for your different languages following the steps in the below helpdesk article:


  • Using our online translation editing tool, you can easily screen out which strings are untranslated and translate them directly within the tool:


When you are done with the translation, you can download the translation in ready-to-use .xml format.

The tool is free to use if you are doing the translation yourself. We only charge if you order professional translation service from us. Hope this helps :)

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