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I just started using vlcj, and am trying to understand the "options" in the mediaPlayer.playMedia(media, options) method.

Examples show options such as:

String[] options = {":sout=#transcode{vcodec=mp4v,vb=4096,scale=1,acodec=mpga,ab=128,channels=2,samplerate=44100}:duplicate{dst=file{dst=" + fileName + "},dst=display}", ":input-slave=alsa://hw:0,0" };

which are quite complex. Does anyone know of some good documentation/tutorials for these options?

I've checked out vlcj's documentation for MediaPlayer, but that is quite sparse.

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You should look at the videolan website if you want detailed and relevant explanation about the options that you can call, for example this page explains some options classified by category. You can also visit the videolan forum.

Actually VLCJ does nothing with the options other than pass it to VLC (more exactly to libvlc library).

Additional Reference for Options

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I see, that's why I couldn't find anything under the vlcj documentation. Awesome, thanks! – Felix Feb 13 '13 at 20:50

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