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On a local development machine, I use Windows and PuTTY, with a linux server VM that I use to replicate the development environment for things like running tests and so forth. The VM (VirtualBox) uses a vboxfs share that contains my local projects.

I have set up msysgit on my machine to use PuTTY, my preferred SSH client, and that all works fine. Unfortunately, when I set a git remote URL, it has to use PuTTY's format to specify a session (ssh://<session name>/<repo>) in order for msysgit to work, which means none of the git urls work in the VM environment. This isn't a huge deal, but I was curious: Is there a way to reconcile the two configurations so I can use git commands in either environment without manually setting a remote url each time?

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One work-around is to install PuTTY on your Linux machine. There are several precompiled versions out there or you can just download the official source and compile them.

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Hey, not even something I'd considered. SO SIMPLE. –  A. Wilson Dec 21 '12 at 18:46

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