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Ok, I'm stumped. Why is this not rendering the square? (Note, I purposely used positive and negative coordinates so it would display regardless of the origin. Didn't know if the x/y were reversed, etc.)

public partial class Main : Window
    StreamGeometry _cueGeometry;
    Brush          _cueBrush;
    Pen            _cuePen;

    public Main()

        _cueGeometry = new StreamGeometry();
        using (var geometryContext = _cueGeometry.Open())
            geometryContext.BeginFigure(new Point( 40, 40), true, true);
            geometryContext.LineTo     (new Point( 40,-40), true, true);
            geometryContext.LineTo     (new Point(-40,-40), true, true);
            geometryContext.LineTo     (new Point(-40, 40), true, true);

        _cueBrush = Brushes.AliceBlue;

        _cuePen = new Pen(Brushes.Gray, 1);


    protected override void OnRender(DrawingContext dc)
        dc.DrawGeometry(_cueBrush, _cuePen, _cueGeometry);



I've noticed something else odd. If I move this code to a subclass of Panel with a red background, it renders the red background then renders a blue square with a gray border in front of it. (Note: it's not clipped to the bounds of the control which is how I can see all of that square.)

If however, I simply change the subclass to UserControl, the blue square with a gray border renders behind the red control. (Again, I can see this because I have clipping disabled.)

If finally I change it to a subclass of Control, I no longer get the red background and only get the blue square with a gray border. This I take it is because Control doesn't do any rendering on its own, but still doesn't explain why the background color is rendering over my drawing in a UserControl as opposed to the Panel. My guess is there's some element that's part of a template that's appearing in front of what's rendered, but I can't think what that would be.

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Found it. The default template for a window has a border in the content area who had an opaque white background, obstructing the rendering. Using Snoop, I found the border, changed the visibility to 'Hidden' and sure enough, there was the rendered path.

Mystery solved!

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Or simply set the Window's Background to Transparent or {x:Null}.

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