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I couldn't find many libraries for bluetooth programming using qt for mac osx.I would mostly be using RFCOMM protocal coz I just need to send serial data from arduino to laptop wirelessly.What are the Qt bluetooth libraries available so that I can send serial data wirelessly.I'm working on Mac Osx Mountain Lion

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Admittedly: given that Qt is in a sense "a platform" in its own right, it's hard to define precisely what the scope of its services are vs. what an OS does.

For instance: you can use it to do things like count the number of screens on the system, and that might seem kind of outside-the-box or "OS-like".

But these things are narrowly chosen. They only creep in when they're applicable to all the platforms Qt runs well as being a common case for Qt programs in many different domains. It doesn't apply to something like (let's say) getting a list of names of all the WiFi networks and their signal strengths.

So what you're really asking about is what external library to link into a Qt C++ program to do Bluetooth serial programming on OS/X. I don't know, but as it's a Mac the native programming interface an Objective-C framework:

Bluetooth on Mac OS/X Framework

So if you are writing a Mac-only program, the path of least resistance might be to load up XCode and learn enough Objective-C in XCode to get it going.

After that if you really want to use C++ and Qt, you could try to figure out the right linkage voodoo to make it work. Or keep the communication program as a small standalone process still written in Objective-C, and talk to it some other way (like through standard input and output).

If you go down the road of linking direct to C++, there's some mention of C++ headers:

#include <IOBluetooth/IOBluetoothUserLib.h> 
#include <IOBluetooth/IOBluetoothUtilities.h>

So search the web on that and you might find more.

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