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I have defined the following decorator:

def loop_callback(func):
    """Only works in programs with a single main loop. Can call .sameThread
    to access the original unwrapped function directly"""
    def wrapped_func(*args, **varargs):
        if mainThread==threading.current_thread():
            print("We are in the loop thread")
            func(*args, **varargs)
            print("In another thread")
            loop.add_callback(lambda: func(*args, **varargs))
    return wrapped_func

The idea is that you should be able to access the original function by calling something like myObject.myFunction.orig(arg1, arg2). Unfortunately, orig won't receive the self object, just arg1 and arg2. Is there any way to fix this so that it can be called the way I want?

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You might be able to figure out how to shoehorn it in to a decorator like this so that you actually end up with the bound method you want in the scenario you are talking about, but really, this is probably a great chance for you to learn about the descriptor protocol.

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