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I read some resouces regarding multidimensional operation (roll up, drill down, slice, dice and pivot) and MDX query languange for my project. I know there are several standards in OLAP query.

Are drill down, roll up, slice and dice, pivot supported by MDX query languange? Or is it totally two different methods ?

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Yes; by nature MDX is handling all these operations: for example drill-down, roll up are performed when asking members (i.e., parents vs children) along a hierarchy. Or you can explicitly use several Drilldown functions. The WHERE statement is slicing the cube. Etc...

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Thanks for your explanation! So I get your point that it is not semantically supported by MDX, rather it is supported technically, am I right? Therefore, if I have a statement for example "ROLLUP ON [Dimension_Name]", it has to be translated into appropriate MDX form. – Daniel Ginting Dec 21 '12 at 17:38

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