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I am using Cocos2D and I have created an Object class that extends CCSprite

I need to call call the CCSprite.sprite("filename") method not as a CCSprite but as the Object class I created.

Here is my class

public class Object extends CCSprite{
    public Object(){


Here is how I am trying to call the method

protected GameLayer()
    Object player = new Object();   
    player = Object.sprite("player.png");

I am getting an error saying "Type mismatch: cannot convert from CCSprite to Object"

Since the class is a child of CCSprite why does it need to be coverted?

How should I be doing this?

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There is already an Object class defined that is the superclass of everything. You can't go and redefine it, because then the compiler gets confused.

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Ok. I have changed it so I have now created a class MyObject. and I am still having the same problem? Do I need to do something different? –  user1087185 Jan 6 '13 at 22:11

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