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hello i am going to insert some data into data base. There are no my sql error but data not inserted into data base. My code is:

 mysql_query("SET CHARACTER SET 'utf8'");
  mysql_query("SET character_set_results=utf8");

if (isset($_POST['Submit'])){ 
$category= $_POST['category'];

if ($category==1) {$cat="rf_power";
$sub_cat=$_POST['power']; $dur="p_duration";}
if ($category==2) {$cat="rf_bts";
$sub_cat=$_POST['BTS']; $dur="b_duration";}
 if ($category==3) {$cat="rf_transmission";
 $sub_cat=$_POST['transmission']; $dur="t_duration";}
 if ($category==4) {$cat="core_network";$sub_cat=$_POST['core']; $dur="duration";}
 if ($category==5) {$cat="daisy_chain";
 $sub_cat=$_POST['daisy']; $dur="d_duration";}

 echo $dateid;
 echo $s_name;
 echo $sub_cat;
 echo $location;
 echo $alarm_type;
 echo $severity;
 echo $start_time;
 echo $end_time;
 echo $dur;
 echo $reason;
 echo $shift_operation;
 echo $system_operation;
 echo $cat ;

  $sql = "INSERT INTO ".$cat." (dateid,system_name,sub_cat,location,alarmtype,severity,start_time,end_time,duartion,reason,shift_operation,system_operation)
    VALUES ('$dateid','$s_name','$sub_cat','$location','$alarm_type','$severity','$start_time','$end_time','$dur','$reason','$shift_operation','$system_operation')";

all prints normal by echo. i think the error is for the "INSERT INTO ".$cat." . $cat is right in here?

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You have not executed your query, at least not in the posted code. –  Michael Berkowski Dec 21 '12 at 2:34
You should try to stop using the PHP mysql API php.net/manual/en/mysqlinfo.api.choosing.php –  cheesemacfly Dec 21 '12 at 2:37

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From the posted code it seems your query is not being executed, but stored inside $sql and sitting there.. From the code there is nothing to actually execute the query, I have added this in the bottom. the addition of mysql_query($sql); Will run the script against your selected database

 $sql = "INSERT INTO $cat (dateid,system_name,sub_cat,location,alarmtype,severity,start_time,end_time,duartion,reason,shift_operation,system_operation)
        VALUES ('$dateid','$s_name','$sub_cat','$location','$alarm_type','$severity','$start_time','$end_time','$dur','$reason','$shift_operation','$system_operation')";
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i hope there is no error until $sql = "INSERT INTO because there all data prints normal by echo. I have tried $sql = "INSERT INTO $cat this also but it was same –  ganaa Dec 21 '12 at 2:38
@ganaa I have added an extra line mysql_query($sql); –  Daryl Gill Dec 21 '12 at 2:41

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