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I am connecting relays at ports of microcontroller 8051. i want to operate them from website. so, i want to tx/rx their status to computer and then upload to web server.

Something like this but i have limitation to using 8051 for my school project.

I found that "Pyserial" can be used to receive data to a computer. is there any other way to do it?

i have some knowledge of c , php, javascript.

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Without knowing your capabilities it is hard to answer such a general question.

If you are familiar with Python and can program the 8051, it should be relatively easy to have the 8051 receive a byte and control up to 8 outputs based on the bit values in the Byte and then have the 8051 echo the value back to the PC for output status confirmation.

I have not used Pyserial or Python but from what I have read Pyserial should be able to easily send and receive byte in this fashion.

Good Luck.

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thanks for your reply. I have started off with link since i am familiar with php. – Nikhil Chavan Jan 25 '13 at 14:03
It looks like this php class will probably work although I have not tried anything like this. I would recommend you try to make a simple loopback serial cable with pins 2 and 3 tied together and see if you can send a byte and then receive it. If this works, then you can put the 8051 on the end of the cable and make a simple loopback program for the 8051 which sends whatever byte it receives. The next step would be to program the 8051 to control 8 relays based on the byte received and to send a byte of status info back to the server. – PeterHouse Jan 25 '13 at 23:12

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