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The CFF Explorer is able to detect the VC complier version from PE file. it shows "Microsoft Visual C++ 8" for my exe file which is staticlly linked to libCMT(no dll dependency).

How is that done? it must replies on some structure in PE file which is unknown to me.


  1. CFF Explorer can get the correct VC complier version for a staticlly linked PE file (no DLL dependency to msvcmXX.dll, msvcpXX.dll or msvcrXX.dll)
  2. Even I cleared the LinkerVersion / ImageVersion / SubsytstemVersion / OperratingSystemVersion fields in PE optional header to ZERO, CFF explorer still can know the correct VC compiler version.

Seems CFF explorer is using a much reliable way to detect VC compiler version.

Anybody knows ? :)

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The PE Header have some info about linker(or compiler). Check out:


and also:


The magic word in the PE header maybe the key to your answer.


Seems CFF explorer rely on the code signature. I've found some interesting post here:

Determining Which Compiler Built a Win32 PE

In RBerteig's reply, the internal symbols can be used to determine compiler.


From this post, the _main address is one of the signature to determine it.

and this post: http://ntcore.com/files/richsign.htm

give more clue about Microsoft compiler signature.

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CFF Explorer does not rely on MajorLinkerVersion / MiniLinkerVersion. I tried to clear these fields to ZERO, then open the PE file again with CFF Explorer, it can still get the correct compiler and shown in "File Info". –  user325320 Dec 21 '12 at 4:32
@user325320 Search with compiler signature and you'll get some interesting result:) –  spin6lock Dec 21 '12 at 6:42
Thanks, I reset the rich signature part to zero and it still can get correct version number. quite amazing, I will send an email to the author for this, hope he can get back to me –  user325320 Dec 22 '12 at 3:20

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