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I still need an understanding of these things, anyway, does NSStream or NSURLConnection support multiple open TCP, say for example, port:4040 port:5050 port:5150

This is a only one host.

Which of the two can support the task of simultaneously opening a TCP port and keeping it open for a stated period of time, on the event none does, is there any existing iOS class/method that I can use to achieve this behavior.

My end goal is to create multiple TCP connections at a given time.

Please help

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Yes.. you can create multiple TCP connections to same host but different ports using NSStream and CFSocket...

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Have you tried it, Do you have any samples?, Also does this evidently states that NSURLConnection is too abstracted that we can't add customizations to it? – paul polo Dec 27 '12 at 8:08
I cannot comment on NSURLConnection abstraction, but yes, I have created multiple connections to same IP address twice using AsyncSocket ( – Akshay Shah Dec 27 '12 at 8:52

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