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I am using this code to set a label on the pushbutton with size of 16

ui->pushButton->setText(tr("<font size=16>Tank 1 \n %1%2C</font>").arg(szTemp).arg(degree));

but I am getting the output as <font size=16>Tank 1 005c</font> written on pushbutton.

How to set the font size?

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The text value of a QPushButton is not "rich text" so it will not interpret your html as expected. Either use the setFont on your widget to set the font size, or set it via a style sheet:

QFont font = ui->pushButton->font();

Style sheets, while more powerful, can tend to be a bit more complex because it forces you to define a number of other features that you are now over-writting.

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Thanks Jdi,this works! –  Amar Dec 21 '12 at 6:44

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