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The getElementByid('projectsearch'+id) doesn't work when I click on the link. What can be done about this? As soon as it's generated, I have no idea about how to send the form - any ideas?

var i;
for (i = 0; i < data.data.length; ++i) {            
    var divCreator ='';

    var str='projectsearch' + i; 

    divCreator+='<div id="grupo'+i+'">';
    divCreator+='<div id="tipo_'+i+'"></div>';
    divCreator+='<div id="tipo_arq_abajo'+i+'"></div>';
    divCreator+='<div id="fotoproyectos'+i+'" ><img src="' + data.data[i].path + '" height="128" width="160"></div>';
    divCreator+='<div id="nombreproyectos'+i+'" ><form method="post" name="projectsearch'+i+'" id="projectsearch'+ i +'" action="proyectos_arq.php">';
    divCreator+='<span style="cursor: pointer;" onclick="document.getElementById('projectsearch'+id).submit()">"'+ data.data[i].projectName +'"</span>'
    divCreator+='<input name="project_id" type="hidden" id="project_id" value="' + data.data[i].projectId + '">';

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i think that should be

document.getElementById('projectsearch'+i).submit() // not id...

and escape your quotes

if you are trying to submit the form that u just created... and i cannot find "id" variable in your question...

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Please check in console for the corresponding div ids and try this syntax for getting the value

var element=  $("#projectsearch"+id);


var element=document.getElementById("projectsearch"+id);
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You create:

var str='projectsearch' + i; 

Then never use it.

Later in the code you have:

divCreator+='<span style="cursor: pointer;" onclick="document.getElementById('projectsearch'+id).submit()">"'+ data.data[i].projectName +'"</span>'

I think you mean for this to be:

divCreator+='<span style="cursor: pointer;" onclick="document.getElementById(' + str + ').submit()">"'+ data.data[i].projectName +'"</span>';

Which uses the str variable you created as the id for the getElementById()

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