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I need to create a customized installer.

I have two primary requirements:

  1. It is important to create a single installer to make the installation process easy and smooth.
  2. At the same time I want to have as small an installation package as possible.

The following components are required:

  • Java (JRE)
  • Apache Web Server
  • Apache Tomcat
  • MySQL
  • My Spring based webapp (This would go into the tomcat directory)

I am currently using xampp which makes Java installation external. It also contains some extra stuff like PHP, Perl which I do not need and by removing them from the installer I can save about 50 MB from the compressed file.

I am considering the following options but not sure what would be the best to go with.

  1. Customize XAMPP - add required installers, remove unneeded packages. Not sure if this is the best way to use XAMPP.
  2. Create a custom installer using Inno Setup
  3. Create my custom installer using Visual Studio (lot of work, i guess)

What would be the best way to meet my requirements?

Thanks in Advance.

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I would also consider NSIS. Read here to see how you can do multiple installations.

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