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I am using the VerticalViewpager by Jake Wharton but it gives Errors with the newest Android Support Library:


public final class VerticalViewPagerCompat {
private VerticalViewPagerCompat() {}

  public interface DataSetObserver extends PagerAdapter.DataSetObserver {}

  public static void setDataSetObserver(PagerAdapter adapter, DataSetObserver observer) {

The Error is "PagerAdapter.DataSetObserver cannot be resolved to a type". The newest support libraries have changed the behaviour of DataSetObserver and the Vertical Viewpager does not work anymore. Does anyone know how to work around this issue?

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HI. Did you managed to fix this issue ?thanks – Paul Feb 14 '13 at 15:08
Nope, sorry I did not, we started using the viewFlip library and there was no need for this feature anymore – A. Steenbergen Feb 14 '13 at 19:59
Check this out, appearantly they fixed it! Untested though… – A. Steenbergen Feb 22 '13 at 14:53

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