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I am developing two android projects A and B, and they both rely on a third lib-project C. When I compile A with proguard, A will be proguarded together with C. And when I compile B, B will be proguarded with C too. And here comes the problem. Lib C are totally different in app A and app B after the proguard process because of the proguard optimization. My question is, how can I make lib C to be the same after proguard process in both A and B?

  1. Lib C must be proguarded. So the keep option won't help.
  2. A and B must be optimized.
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I don't understand your problem. When you build an app with a library as part of the project, the result is just a single apk file. Why does it matter that you use the same library for two different apk files? – Squonk Dec 21 '12 at 7:41
@Squonk Thank you for your reply. The reason is a long story. I want the library to be the same because the B.apk are not used to be installed. I want to delete the same library classes in B.apk and then try to load classes and resources of B.apk in A.apk dynamically. – Yingyi Xu Dec 21 '12 at 8:22

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