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This is my context: I have a profile named profile

# file: profile

MY_PATH = "/home/deng/default"
MY_NAME = "deng" 

my test file:




echo "sed 's:[ \t]*${DOC_KEY}[ \t]*=.*:${DOC_KEY} = ${DOC_VALUE}:' profile"
sed 's:[ \t]*${DOC_KEY}[ \t]*=.*:${DOC_KEY} = ${DOC_VALUE}:' profile

in terminal I run

$ ./ 

and the output is

1  OUTPUT_PATH = "/deng/jian/doc/output"
2  DOC_VALUE = "/deng/jian/doc/output"
3  sed 's:[ \t]*MY_PATH[ \t]*=.*:MY_PATH = "/deng/jian/doc/output":' profile
4   MY_PATH = "/home/deng/default"
5   MY_NAME = "deng"

It looks the text in profile didn't replace by DOC_VALUE ("/deng/jian/doc/output") which I want to set. But I ran the command in output line 3. It works:

sed 's:[ \t]*MY_PATH[ \t]*=.*:MY_PATH = "/deng/jian/doc/output":' profile


MY_PATH = "/deng/jian/doc/output"
MY_NAME = "deng"

SO what happened? What's the different between the command I wrote in

sed 's:[ \t]*${DOC_KEY}[ \t]*=.*:${DOC_KEY} = ${DOC_VALUE}:' profile

and the command I put directly?

sed 's:[ \t]*MY_PATH[ \t]*=.*:MY_PATH = "/deng/jian/doc/output":' profile
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In the file you use ' which don't let bash interpret the variables.

Change to "

sed "s:[ \t]*${DOC_KEY}[ \t]*=.*:${DOC_KEY} = ${DOC_VALUE}:" profile

or break using multiple '

sed 's:[ \t]*'${DOC_KEY}'[ \t]*=.*:'${DOC_KEY}' = '${DOC_VALUE}':' profile
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Look at this example:



echo 'foo' | sed 's/${S}/${D}/g'       # echoes foo
echo 'foo' | sed 's/'${S}'/'${D}'/g'   # echoes bar
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