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Is it possible to have a subdirectory for all my pages?


rake new_page['siht-daer-uoy-nac']

generates the markdown files like so:

   |_ _posts
   |_ <some-other-directories> 
   |_ siht-daer-uoy-nac
                       |_ index.markdown

then doing a

 rake generate

takes care of everything and spurts out a pretty html file.

My problem/question:

Call me OCD afflicted, but i would like to have a directory structure like so:

   |_ _posts
   |_ <some-other-directories> 
   |_ _pages
            |_ siht-daer-uoy-nac
                                |_ index.markdown

Having my top directory structure littered with a bunch of page slugs, makes me cry a little inside. I understand jekyll is merely a static page generator and plays its part only upto the point of html generation (and deployment).

Is it possible to maintain this kind of a folder structure for my pages?


I don't think it's possible out of the box to have a _pages directory without significantly messing around with octopress/jekyll source code (one of these days). In the meantime, a workaround to have a bunch of similar page like posts grouped is as ngm suggested below:

 rake new_page["osx-essential-software/2011.markdown"]
 # creates /source/osx-essential-software/2011/index.markdown
 rake new_page["osx-essential-software/2010.markdown"]
 # creates /source/osx-essential-software/2010/index.markdown
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Not sure if it's by design or by accident, but if you do:

rake new_page["foo/nac-i-sey"]

you'll get a page for nac-i-sey under a foo subdirectory.

So if you wanted another page under foo, you could do:

rake new_page["foo/another-page"]
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I asked this question sometime back and found out how to go about it. But you get extra brownie points for providing the solution and being able to read my question :D. Updated my question with some possible strategies to achieve what i asked. –  Kaushik Gopal Jul 26 '13 at 18:38

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