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I am using jquery dataTable for displaying customer records. First time i go to customer page,i have 20 customer records in dataTable sorted by customerId column( so they are diplayed starting from 20 to 1 where 20 is the id of 20th customer and 1 is the id of first customer) in desc order. 20th customer is shown at top in dataTable.

now if do below in my javascript code

 var customerTable=$('#customer').dataTable();// where customer is the html div associated with dataTable

 var custData = customerTable.fnGetData(18)// it gives me data of 19 row in dataTable( as dataTable index starts from 0)
 // so i get the data of customer having customer id=19

Perfectly fine till here.

Now i click the sorting icon on customerId column . So after sorting customer with id as 1 is displayed on top in dataTable and customer with id as 20 will be displayed at bottom. Now i do the my javascript opration again

var customerTable=$('#customer').dataTable();

 var custData = customerTable.fnGetData(18)
 // it should give me data for customer id=2 Right? but still i am getting the old data i.e customer Data having id=19.

i am not getting why i am not getting the right data after sorting? how should i get the correct data with row id after dataTable sorting?

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You may check out this discussion in datatables.net - datatables.net/forums/discussion/13315/… –  Roy Ling Dec 22 '12 at 3:35

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I tried same thing with little change.

First created global variable to hold the table.

var customerTable;

Then initiated the object in onready state.

$(document).ready(function() {
        customerTable = $('#customer').dataTable();

If you sort and get the data now. You probably get what you want.

var custData = customerTable.fnGetData(18);

Only thing I aware of is I didn't initiate the table object after sorting.

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i am already doing it this way where i have created customerTable as global variable but the issue still persist. –  M Sach Dec 21 '12 at 9:26
Strange. This works on me very well. I think you will require to do more debug to catch in which stage the change happen. –  Prasad Rajapaksha Dec 21 '12 at 9:31

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