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Hi i need help with Razor views. I fetch list of categories from db and present it in drop down list using DropDownListFor. As i understood it, it requires lambda expression as the first parameter where i point the location in my model that razor should put the selected value, and a list of type SelectList that would use for filling in the drop down list items. I need to preserve the selected values across requests. This means i need to keep the selected value in Session. This is what i do:

My view:

@model Model.Item
  ViewBag.Title = "Test";
<h1>Test dropList</h1>

  @Html.DropDownListFor(m => m.Id, ViewBag.List as SelectList)
  <button>Click me</button>

Item class:

 public class Item
    private string id;
    private string value;

    public Item(string id, string value)
    { = id;
        this.value = value;

    public Item() { }

    public string Id
        { = value;}


    public string Value
        {this.value = value;}

        {return this.value;}


public ActionResult Add()
        if (Session["item"] == null)
            Session["item"] = new Item();

        Item []items = new Item[]{new Item("1", "one"), new Item("2", "two"), new Item("3", "three")};
        ViewBag.List = new SelectList(items, "Id", "Value",  ((Item)Session["item"]).Id);
        return View(Session["item"]);

My idea is to tell the Html helper to put the selected item in the Session object, for the first time the view is called i add empty Item in the session under the "item" key. This item i send to the view through the View() method. In the ViewBag i put the list of possible items for selection, and i set the default selected value to be the one kept in the Session, i guess since for the first time there is no id in the empty Item i'll get the first item in the list selected (which it is selected by default so i assume the cause is the empty Item element in the session). I have one button to perform post back and call the method in the controller again.

The problem is that i see the state reset, and my selection seems it doesn't rich the Session object. I'm in doubt weather the Razor engine is using the lambda expression at all.

Tell me if you can, what actually the lambda expression is supposed to do, is my knowledge fine or i'm mistaken somewhere?


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check out this article – Yasser Dec 21 '12 at 13:12
thanks ill report back when i have something going on :) – stefo0O0o Dec 21 '12 at 14:14
I fixed it. I split my method in two, one with no params and no annotations and one with param of type Item with annotation HttpPost. When i post back the page i fetch the Model and put it in Session.. This is what i needed, i'm maintaining list of items before i flush them in the db. Thanks! – stefo0O0o Dec 21 '12 at 21:26
I have another problem tough... I put ajax on with Ajax.BeginForm(..) and i have one div that is listing all my items, which i send through the ViewBag in the view. When i press add after i pick item from the list and try to update the div that holds the list of items i get duplicate dropbox and button and 2 items are drawn on the view. My session holds the list of items i have added to a point in time, and the list holds the correct items, but the view seems to be rendering twice. I don know where i do wrong, here is the code: – stefo0O0o Dec 21 '12 at 23:35
could not actually paste the code as there is no formatting but here i write what i have.. There are two methods one Index and one Index(Item i) with HttpPost annotation.. The first one is initially called and fills in the ViewBag.items with Item[]. And also i put ViewBag.list = Session["selectedItems"] a reference to my list in session where i keep added items so i can run through it with foreach in the view and print the items. In the view i have simple DropDownFor tag that puts the selected item in the view and button which calls the HttpPost method and saves the Model in the session list.. – stefo0O0o Dec 21 '12 at 23:40

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