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i am having html like

 <div class="float_left myFormsContainer" id="fm_myforms_container">

     <div id='form1'>
             <a id="form43" data-attr="Formentries" href="#">  Personal Form </a>
      EDITTED     <div></div>
  <div id='form2'>

             <a id="form44" data-attr="Formentries" href="#">  Contact Form </a>

 <div id='form3'>
             <a id="form45" data-attr="Formentries" href="#">  Employee Form </a>


In JQuery i have coded like on clicking any a tag

    $("#fm_myforms_container a").live("click", function(){

        $("#fm_myforms_container div").hide();//to hide all other divs other than the one what i have clicked...

return false;

i am trying to hide all other divs other than the one what i have clicked...

how to do ?? please suggest me.. I am new to JQuery ...

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You could use:

$("#fm_myforms_container div").not($(this).closest("div")).hide();

or if you only want hide the top-level divs:

$("#fm_myforms_container > div").not($(this).closest("div")).hide();
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I am having some DIvs inside the Div i am clicking , But if i used the code what u have given , its hiding those DIvs too... suggest me... – Jasmine Sep 9 '09 at 10:43
I edited the answer to change this behavior – Philippe Leybaert Sep 9 '09 at 10:52

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