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I do believe this is NHapi library bug, but the project was inactive for quite some time...

I have this HL7 test message:

OBR|1||20071207011|00001^Automated Count^99MRC||20080508140600|20080508150616|||John||||20080508150000||||||||||HM||||||||Mindray
OBX|1|IS|08001^Take Mode^99MRC||O||||||F
OBX|2|IS|08002^Blood Mode^99MRC||W||||||F
OBX|3|IS|08003^Test Mode^99MRC||CBC||||||F
OBX|4|IS|01002^Ref Group^99MRC||Woman||||||F

I am using NHapi and PipeParser and it uses GetContructor() method on every Datatype it extracts from message like this:

System.Type c = factory.GetTypeClass(obx2.Value, segment.Message.Version);
c.GetConstructor(new System.Type[] { typeof(IMessage) })

The problem is that NHapi.Model.V231.Datatype.IS does not have constructor with only IMessage type argument and that is why GetContructor() method returns null. Therefore NHapi\NHapi.Base\Model**Varies.cs** (Varies class file) throws a NullReferenceException on line 168:

v.Data = (IType)c.GetConstructor(new System.Type[] { typeof(IMessage) }).Invoke(new System.Object[] { v.Message });

Thus I wanted to ask, can I simply edit NHapi.Model.V231.Datatype constructor from this:

public IS(IMessage theMessage, int theTable) : base(theMessage, theTable) {}

to this:

public IS(IMessage theMessage, int theTable = 0) : base(theMessage, theTable) {}

to have default table number value set to 0? The thing is, that if this number is defaulted to 0 and all the tables have table number set to 0... Won't they be like one big table instead of multiple user-defined tables?

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