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I'm trying to get a multi-line regex working with .NET but not having much luck. I believe I'm right in thinking that this will match multiple lines, but the third match is always omitted. I need to capture the recipient and reason fields. I know I could do this with a loop and two regexes but I'd prefer a more succinct solution.

The regex I'm using is:

(.*?)Destination: mobile (\(SMS\))?(\d{10,})(?:.*?)Reason: (.*)

It should match against this text:


The following message was not delivered:

Addressed to: 01234567890@sms.local
Destination: mobile (SMS)01234567890
Reference number: 155618127W

Reason: Rejected by network operator
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Its always best when posting a regex question to not just post the regex but to explain what it is that it is meant to do. If the problem is that your regex is wrong we'll never known because we don't have your intent to compare it to... – Chris Dec 21 '12 at 9:27
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In this case you need to use RegexOptions.Singleline instead of RegexOptions.Multiline.

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I actually needed both. – Echilon Dec 21 '12 at 13:51

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