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I have two classes results and flight segment

    // Here some properties declared and
    // Nsmuttable array also to store flight segment class object 

I create object of both classes and adding in this way

[objresult.flightsegmentarray addobject: objflightsegment]

But this doesn't work

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You should ensure you have properly declared the 'flightsegmentarray' property on the 'objresult' object and have initialised it before trying to add objects.

To declare the property - assuming your objresult is of type ObjResult - you should write on your ObjResult .h file:

@property (nonatomic, strong) NSMutableArray *flightsegmentarray;

Then, you must initialise this, typically in your .m file:

- (id)init {
   if ((self=[super init])) {
      _flightsegmentarray = [NSMutableArray new];
   return self;

Now, once your objresult object has been initialised, you will have an empty mutable array available and you can begin adding objects:

objresult = [[ObjResult alloc] init];
objflightsegment = [[ObjFlightSegment alloc] init];
[objresult.flightsegmentarray addobject: objflightsegment];
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