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I animate the width of an div from 0 to 100%, and after the animation is done i want the final result to persist. Here is what i have until now:

    #element {
        background: yellow; 
        animation:myfirst 5s;
        -moz-animation:myfirst 5s; /* Firefox */
        -webkit-animation:myfirst 5s; /* Safari and Chrome */
        -o-animation:myfirst 5s;}
    @keyframes myfirst {
        from {width:0px;}
        to {width:100%;}

    @-moz-keyframes myfirst /* Firefox */ {
        from {width:0px;}
        to {width:100%;}

    @-webkit-keyframes myfirst /* Safari and Chrome */ {
        from {width:0px;}
        to {width:100%;}

    @-o-keyframes myfirst /* Opera */ {
        from {width:0px;}
        to {width:100%;}

Is there a CSS way or JS to do that?

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looks fine to me: – Alp Dec 21 '12 at 9:53
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Use the forwards or both properties:

-webkit-animation:myfirst 5s forwards;

Then the animation will stop at 100% and persist.

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Thanks for the heads-up. :) I would accept your answer right now but i have to wait 10 min. I'll do it after those minutes – Dan Ovidiu Boncut Dec 21 '12 at 9:55

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