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I am currently working on a small web app and this is the first time i am using struts2. Here is what i am trying to achieve.

A struts2 JSP page on form post, calls a struts action. Once this action completes it task, I need to return to the calling JSP with out any page reloading (avoid postback). how can i achieve.can any one please help me?.

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It is called AJAX (no kidding).

In Struts2 you can use Struts2-jQuery Plugin to achieve that pretty easily.

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As AndreaLigios said, you can achieve this using struts-j query plug-in.

  1. Create a remote page to display your result.
  2. use <sj:sbmit targets="[div_id]" /> on your main page to submit the form
  3. Add a div to your main page to display the remote page. <div id="[div_id]" />

  4. In your struts.xml, just return the remote page as a result of your action.

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