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I am going to create a website, So I need to have a master page for all my own pages.

But its difficult to design it from scratch, Is there any template I use and just changing for example the colors, font sizes, ...?

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you can find all the templates free/paid online but you will only find the html markup not asp markup/code – Perpetualcoder Sep 9 '09 at 10:37

That's a bit like asking if there's a template for building a car. They all have 4 wheels, steering wheels and an engine, but apart form that they are all different. Of course, you could just use a pre-designed web site as your template, but I can't see that going far, as they are generally very poor quality.

Do you have any web development experience? If not, perhaps have a look at some websites.

smashing magazine and design bump are good places to start.

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