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I am using Git for version control of local files, which finally have to be checked in into another version control system. Now I am experiencing some problems with most of the C code files:

  1. They all have an automatic version history in their header comment
  2. Most of the files are cluttered by EasyCode or EasyCase comments

I now simply created two git filters "History" and "EasyTool" to clean up the code before being checked in to Git. How is it possible to filter all C and H files with both of the filters?

Specifying the commands multiple times does not work and concatenation of the filter command does neither (or I at least did not find the correct syntax).

This was my first try:

*.c  filter=History
*.c  filter=EasyTool           # This one wins, "History" is not executed

Then I tried something like this:

*.c  filter=History EasyTool   # The first wins, other separators work neither
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I don't think you can chain filters that way.

The simplest way would be to write a wrapper which would call both sequentially (at least through a pipe in a shell script).
(as in "Is it possible to redirect output of one program to input of other program in different operational systems?").

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