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I want to get from the following html only first a tag from this html, that comes under in this div class="itemcategories" only and what to remove any a tag that comes after first a tag using regex only. I have no other choice , i have to do it with regex only

  <div class="itemcategories">
      <a id="1234" class="category" rel="abc" href="#">ABC</a>,
      <a id="1234" class="category" rel="abc" href="#">DEF</a>,
      <a id="1234" class="category" rel="abc" href="#">XYZ</a>

Result should look like this

 <div class="itemcategories">
      <a id="1234" class="category" rel="abc" href="#">ABC</a>         

Please help me out. Thank You

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Don't use regex for parsing HTML. Its a well known problem with a well known solution – Jamiec Dec 21 '12 at 10:52

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You don't need to use Regex. Here is a very crude way but it should work.

string html = "... html goes here";
string cleanedUpHtml = html.Substring(0, html.IndexOf("</a>") + 4) + "</div>";
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string html = ...
string rem = Regex.Match(html, "<a .+?</a>(.+?)</div>", RegexOptions.Singleline).Result("$1");
html = html.Replace(rem, String.Empty);
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Try :

var str = "" ;// Your String goes Here.
var firstPos = str.indexOf("<a");
var lastPos = str.lastIndexOf("</a>");
var regex = new RegExp("\<a.*a\>");
var firstTag = str.match(regex);
var str1 = str.slice(0,firstPos);
var str2 = str.slice(lastPos);
str = str.replace(regex, "");
str = str1 + (firstTag.toString().split(",")[0]).toString() + str2;
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If you really want to this, as you can see, in the div, each a element is separated by comma, so you can try:

string result = Regex.Replace(your_html, ",.+</a>", "", RegexOptions.Singleline)  


string result = Regex.Replace(html, "(!?,)<a .+a>(?=</div>)", "", RegexOptions.Singleline)
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Use this regex:


It will return you 2 groups. The first group will contain from the start <div till </a> at the end of the first line. The second group will contain the closing </div>. Just concatenate the two groups and you have what you need.

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