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I have a structure like this

struct list
    struct list *next;

    int temp;

I use the following method to free

…. …. ….

// free linked list
struct list *head_list = NULL;
struct list *current_list = NULL;
struct list *prev_list = NULL;

current_list = head_list;
while (current_file_info_arr != NULL)
    prev_list = current_list;
    current_list = current_list->next;

I get the warning

Memory error
Use of memory after it is freed

Is there any good solution?

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how did u allocated? – samfisher Dec 21 '12 at 11:02

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I think you just need to replace

while (current_file_info_arr != NULL)


while (current_list != NULL)

But that's assuming you actually have a list in place - allocated/constructed previously - and head_list points to beginning of it. If head_list is NULL, like in your snippet:

struct list *head_list = NULL;

then the Memory error is not a surprise. You are trying to free NULL, which is an error, indeed.

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