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I use BalloonItemizedOverlay. How to show balloon under the marker? (It is from the center of a marker by default.)

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If you're using this one you have the method

public void setBalloonBottomOffset(int pixels)

Set the horizontal distance between the marker and the bottom of the information balloon. The default is 0 which works well for center bounded markers. If your marker is center-bottom bounded, call this before adding overlay items to ensure the balloon hovers exactly above the marker.

So, if you have a marker that has the usual V at the bottom, defining the point where it touches the map, you need to set an offset of half it's height BEFORE you add it to the overlays.


 -----    ^
|     |   |
|     |  20 px  of height, you need to do marker.setBalloonBottomOffset(-10)
 -- --    |
   V      v
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