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I have the following url:


And I'd like to just add a non-default port, like this


I first tried with java.net.URL to start parsing and manipulating the url, but I got

scala> val u = new java.net.URL("ws://chat-jugar.rhcloud.com/room/chat?username=felipe")
java.net.MalformedURLException: unknown protocol: ws
at java.net.URL.<init>(URL.java:592)
at java.net.URL.<init>(URL.java:482)
at java.net.URL.<init>(URL.java:431)

I didn't want to mess with regular expression, to avoid missing some strange case (but it's ok if there's no other choice, of course...)

What would be the best approach for this?

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You could use java.net.URI to extract to parts of the uri and then build the new uri string with the port added. Example:

val uri = URI.create("ws://chat-jugar.rhcloud.com/room/chat?username=felipe")

val newUriString = "%s://%s:%d%s?%s".format(uri.getScheme, uri.getHost, 8000, uri.getPath, uri.getQuery)

newUriString: String = ws://chat-jugar.rhcloud.com:8000/room/chat?username=felipe
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Just for the record, this is the small utility helper that I came out with using the java.net.URI as drexin told

package utils.http

case class Uri(
  protocol: String, userInfo: String, 
  host: String, port: Int, 
  path: String, query: String, fragment: String
) {
  lazy val javaURI = {
    new java.net.URI(
      protocol, userInfo, 
      host, port, 
      path, query, fragment

  override def toString = {

object Uri {
  def apply(uri: String): Uri = {
    val parsedUri = new java.net.URI(uri)
      parsedUri.getScheme, parsedUri.getUserInfo,
      parsedUri.getHost, parsedUri.getPort,
      parsedUri.getPath, parsedUri.getQuery, parsedUri.getFragment

and I use it like this (from play's console):

scala> import utils.http.Uri
import utils.http.Uri

scala> Uri("ws://chat-jugar.rhcloud.com/room/chat?username=felipe").copy(port=8000).toString
res0: java.lang.String = ws://chat-jugar.rhcloud.com:8000/room/chat?username=felipe
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I really like how you leverage the parameter default mechanism of the case class to create a new URI with only one parameter changed. And the same mechanism works for any change of 1..n number of parameters. –  chaotic3quilibrium Dec 22 '12 at 17:05
yeap, the copy method it's a nice stuff indeed... –  opensas Dec 22 '12 at 21:50

You could use java.net.URI instead.

def changePort(uri: java.net.URI, port: Int) = new java.net.URI(uri.getScheme, uri.getUserInfo, uri.getHost, 80, uri.getPath, uri.getQuery, uri.getFragment)

and then

scala> changePort(new java.net.URI("ws://chat-jugar.rhcloud.com/room/chat?username=felipe"), 8000).toString
res: java.lang.String = ws://chat-jugar.rhcloud.com:80/room/chat?username=felipe
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Bit late to the party, but you can do this with scala-uri (disclaimer: this is my own library):

import com.github.theon.uri.Uri._

val uri = "ws://chat-jugar.rhcloud.com/room/chat?username=felipe"
val newUri = uri.copy(port = Some(8000))

newUri.toString //This is: ws://chat-jugar.rhcloud.com:8000/room/chat?username=felipe

It'a available in Maven Central. Details are here: https://github.com/theon/scala-uri

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You might like to try out my Bee Client API, which contains a PartialURL class for processing URLs (complete or otherwise) according to their structure.

The general idea is to construct one from a string or URL and then alter any parts you need to, e.g.

import uk.co.bigbeeconsultants.http.url._
val url = PartialURL("ws://chat-jugar.rhcloud.com/room/chat?username=felipe")
val url8080 = url.copy(endpoint = Some(url.endpoint.get.copy(port = Some(8080))))
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