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I have a plugin registered on Post of Task creation, I am trying to check the RegardingObject, ActualMinutes field and State Code of the task, however, the StateCode always seems to return 0 when creating a new task (even if you choose mark complete).

Does anyone know how to work around this issue?

OptionSetValue statecode = (OptionSetValue)entity["statecode"];
if (entity.Attributes.Contains("regardingobjectid") && entity.Attributes.Contains("actualdurationminutes") && statecode.Value == 1)
                { //DO STUFF }


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My guess would be that when using "Mark as complete", CRM saves the Task first and then uses a separate SetStateRequest to mark it as complete. Which means you'll never be able to get other StateCode then 0 at that point in time in your post-create event.

I think you'll have to hook the plugin onto the update event on Task and check if that cracks it for you.

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I recommend registering a Post plug-in on the SetState message. It will reduce the number of times the plug-in fires but should still allow you to get any instance where the activity is completed. – Nicknow Dec 21 '12 at 22:35

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