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I have 2 table like below :



ID     Title    Unit   Value
123    Hello    Inch   50
555    Hii      feet   60



ID    Title     Value
123   test12     343
555   test5556   777

I want the select result in 2 columns as per the ID given (ID should be same in both tables) :

Title -- This will get the (Title + Unit) from Engine table and only Title from Fuel table. Value

Value-- This will get Value from both tables.

Result for ID = 123 is :

Title          Value

Hello(Inch)   50
test12        343

Any suggestion how I can get this in SQL server 2008.

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Based on your same data and the desired result, it appears that you want to use a UNION ALL to get the data from both tables:

select title+'('+Unit+')' Title, value
from engine
where id = 123
union all
select title, value
from fuel
where id = 123

See SQL Fiddle with Demo

The result of the query is:

|       TITLE | VALUE |
| Hello(Inch) |    50 |
|      test12 |   343 |
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Osm..Its working great..How did I forgot union..Thanks.. – James Dec 21 '12 at 12:21


      e.ID, e.Title, e.Unit, e.Value, f.Title as FuelTitle, e.Value as FuelValue,
      e.Title+' '+e.Units As TitleAndUnits
From Engine e
Join Fuel f
On e.ID = f.ID
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Please see the edit once – James Dec 21 '12 at 11:25

You can do this w/o a join but with join it may be more optimal depending on other factors in your case.

Example w/o join:

select concat(t1.c1, ' ', t1.c2, ' ', t2.c1) col1, concat(t1.c3, ' ', t2.c3) col2 
from t1, t2
where = [ID] and = [ID]
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You should probably have a look at something like Introduction to JOINs – Basic of JOINs and read up a little on JOINS


Maybe then also look at

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Please see the edit once.. – James Dec 21 '12 at 11:24

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