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We need to run a few subdomains from our main site and we need to point these to external sites that deal with the admin required.

I simply need to redirect a subdomain to an external URL using .htaccess and also any advise about where to put it in the .htaccess file e.g. right at the top, as i know this effects certain rewrite rules.

I won't write what i think it should be as this just leads the answer down a specific route.

Cheers Guys,

Really appreciate it.


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If you are redirecting a subdomain to another domain then there shouldn't be anything else in the .htaccess file other than this.

 # This will redirect a subdomain to another domain
 RewriteEngine On
 RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^yoursubdomain\.yourdomain\.com$ [NC]
 RewriteRule ^(.*) http://www.newdomain.com/$1 [L,R]
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This did not work, I have tried this exact method previously but for some reason it wont seem to take. I am not sure why?? Any other ideas? –  Dan Dec 27 '12 at 9:34

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