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I am currently using the code shown below to access and display the camera on an Android device. It works fine but instead of accessing the standard camera I would like to access the front facing camera. How can I modify the code below to do this ? Thanks in advance.

var cam:Camera = Camera.getCamera(); 
var vid:Video = new Video(); 
if (cam != null) 
    cam.addEventListener(StatusEvent.STATUS, statusHandler); 
    vid = new Video(); 
function statusHandler(event:StatusEvent):void 
    if (!cam.muted) 
        vid.width = cam.width; 
        vid.height = cam.height; 

    cam.removeEventListener(StatusEvent.STATUS, statusHandler); 
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Pass the Cam's Index value for your front camera in your Camera.getCamera();, like:

var camIndex:String = "1"; 
var cam:Camera = Camera.getCamera(camIndex); 

If the above modification doesn't change anything try changing the value of camIndex to "0", "2", "3" it depends on which index your front camera is registered. Try it!

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The best way to get front camera on both android and on ios devices while developing application with Adobe Air is;

protected var _camera:Camera = null;    
_camera = getCamera(CameraPosition.FRONT);

and then

private function getCamera(position:String):Camera
      for (var i:uint = 0; i < Camera.names.length; ++i)
        var cam:Camera = Camera.getCamera(String(i));
        if (cam.position == position) return cam;
      return Camera.getCamera();

By passing camera name sometime not working especially in ios based devices.

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