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I have some dates in table over of a two years like this as a example date


I think you have noticed that there a missing date of 03-jan-2012 and 08-jan-2012 and the same criteria with all dates.My Question is that is there any way in oracle to find the missing dates.Plz Help !

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I don't think so, Oracle will help you to find the missing dates. Since, these are data, so all you can do, write some query, which will help you to find those missing date – jWeaver Dec 21 '12 at 11:48
Can U Show Me Some Example – user1915635 Dec 21 '12 at 11:53
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This will get you all missing days for one year (SQL Fiddle).

all_dates generates a list of all dates of 2012 (adjust as required), and the LEFT JOIN checking for IS NULL eliminates those dates that exist in your source-table.

WITH all_dates AS (
  SELECT TO_DATE('01-jan-2012') -- Start-date
    + ROWNUM - 1 AS d
  FROM dual
  CONNECT BY ROWNUM <= 366 -- Number of days
SELECT all_dates.d
FROM all_dates
LEFT JOIN t ON ( t.d = all_dates.d )
ORDER BY all_dates.d
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You can generate sequence of date range you needed, then use LEFT JOIN to find missed dates.

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Almost the same answer as @Peter, but a very slightly different version.

select all_dates.date_ missing_dates from 

(select to_date('01-Jan-14') + level - 1 date_
from dual connect by level <= 365) all_dates 

left join

((select to_date('01-Jan-14') + level - 1 date_
from dual connect by level <= 365)               


(select to_date(round (dbms_random.value (1, 28))
        || '-'
        || round (dbms_random.value (01, 12))
        || '-'
        || round (dbms_random.value (2014, 2014)),
        'DD-MM-YYYY') + level - 1 random_date_1 
from dual
connect by level <= 52)) transaction_data

on all_dates.date_ = transaction_data.date_
where transaction_data.date_ is null;
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