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Was wondering what the best way is to match "test.this" from "blah blah blah test.this@gmail.com blah blah" is? Using Python.

I've tried re.split(r"\b\w.\w@")


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\w only matches a single character - you probably want \w+ –  Peter Boughton Dec 21 '12 at 11:53
Here's an email validation regex if you are looking for one. –  chucksmash Dec 21 '12 at 12:02

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A . in regex is a metacharacter, it is used to match any character. To match a literal dot, you need to escape it, so \.

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In your regex you need to escape the dot(.) - "\." or use it inside a character class - "[.]", as it is a meta-character in regex, which matches any character.

Also, you need \w+ instead of \w to match one or more word.

Now, if you want the test.this content, then split is not what you need. split will split your string around the test.this. For e.g: -

>>> re.split(r"\b\w+\.\w+@", s)
['blah blah blah ', 'gmail.com blah blah']

You can use re.findall: -

>>> re.findall(r'\w+[.]\w+(?=@)', s)   # look ahead
>>> re.findall(r'(\w+[.]\w+)@', s)     # capture group
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"In the default mode, Dot (.) matches any character except a newline. If the DOTALL flag has been specified, this matches any character including a newline." (python Doc)

So, if you want to evaluate dot literaly, I think you should put it in square brackets:

>>> p = re.compile(r'\b(\w+[.]\w+)')
>>> resp = p.search("blah blah blah test.this@gmail.com blah blah")
>>> resp.group()
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Did you add anything new in addition to what has already been mentioned in the other answers some 20 months back? No. –  devnull Aug 10 '14 at 11:37
I didn't read Rohit Jain's answer before posting mine. If I read it, I wouldn't have posted my answer. Indeed, I would evaluate Rohit Jain's answer as best answer, but it's not in my power. –  UtenteStack Aug 10 '14 at 12:30

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